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Sexual wellness treatments for women in Greenville

Every woman deserves to have a wonderful and enjoyable intimate life with her partner. But age and physiological changes in the body can limit your libido and reduce the pleasure you experience during sex.

Introducing the O-Shot, Greenville's powerful sexual wellness treatment that can help everyone from new moms to older women regain their ability to have an enjoyable sex life. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we have worked with many female clients, helping them on their sexual wellness journey and we can help you too.

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What is the O-Shot made of?

Hormonal changes, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can make the vagina less-sensitive and less-responsive to stimulus. This can lead to women experiencing a sub-par sex life and sometimes, extreme discomfort during intimacy.

The O-Shot, also known as the “Orgasm” Shot, was developed by Dr. Charles Runels, as a solution to improve the quality of sexual intimacy for women. The O-Shot uses powerful Platelet-Rich Plasma to revitalize and rejuvenate the vaginal muscles, allowing the nerves and tissues in the region to heal and become more sensitive. Once injected, the O-Shot improves circulation in the vagina and provides essential nutrients, growth factors, and proteins. This ultimately improves vaginal health and increases the pleasure women experience during sex.

woman staying healthy after her o-shot in Greenville
Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

Who is a candidate?

The best advantage of the O-Shot is that it can be undergone by absolutely any woman above the age of 18. Since it uses your own platelet-rich plasma, there are no external chemicals being introduced to your body. This treatment is particularly great for women who’ve given birth within the past year and who want to regain vaginal tightness and lubrication.

Our team of O-Shot specialists can recommend the number of vials necessary for your bespoke requirements. Feel free to visit our Greenville, South Carolina facility for a consultation.

Intimacy issues that the O-Shot can address

Some of the common intimacy issues that the O-Shot can alleviate are:

  • Reduced libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal wall laxity
  • Genital skin discoloration
  • Subdued orgasms or inability to orgasm
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain during intercourse

How is the O-Shot administered?

Our Genesis Lifestyle Medicine staff start the treatment by collecting a small vial of blood from you. This blood is separated using a centrifuge machine to collect the platelet-rich plasma. The plasma is then transferred to another vial and a clean syringe is attached to it.

You are asked to lie down on the treatment table and you are provided localized anesthesia. The plasma is then gently injected in and around the genital region. You may experience minor pressure in the treatment site, but the numbing prevent any pain or discomfort.

The treatment can be finished in under 60 minutes. There is no downtime associated with the procedure. You can return to your normal schedule immediately after the procedure.

You may feel minor tenderness right after the treatment, but this should disappear soon. You are advised not to be intimate with your partner for the first 24 hours, to allow any tenderness to heal, and for the PRP in the O-Shot to start having effect.

Life after O-Shot

The O-Shot is designed to empower you to experience the fullest life possible. You’ll notice the results of the treatment within a few days in the form of improved sensation and sensitivity during sex. Any pain during intimacy will have significantly reduced and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience with your partner.

About the 3 months to 6 months mark, you will also experience easier arousal, more sustained libido and stronger orgasms. These results last for up to 14 months to 18 months after the treatment. After this, you will need to come in for a maintenance O-Shot to ensure these results last. If you’d like to schedule your O-Shot in Greenville or consult our Genesis Lifestyle Medicine experts about follow-up sessions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are here to help you experience the best that life has to offer.

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