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Medical Weight Loss in Greenville, South Carolina

Have you tried to lose weight time and again but failed with every attempt? Do you find it impossible to get rid of those last few stubborn pounds? Genesis Lifestyle Medicine gives weight loss a whole new meaning through its scientifically-approved medical weight loss program. We work with you and help you reach your desired weight.

What is a medical weight loss program?

Medical weight loss programs are physician-supervised weight-loss programs designed to help people reach their specific weight-loss goals. Whether you want to lose several pounds or just those last few stubborn pounds that are the hardest to shed, our program for medical weight loss in Greenville can treat almost anyone.  

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Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

Why choose a medical weight loss program?

Not everyone can lose weight easily. Painful diets and intense exercise are hard to sustain. Surgery and diet pills are not the safest and most effective way to lose weight. Why put your body through the stress of unnatural weight reduction methods when there is a safer, simpler, approved, and successful way to weight loss?  

The benefits of a medical weight loss program

  • Get rid of excess weight under the supervision of trained professionals
  • Break the cycle of unhealthy food addictions
  • Don’t just lose weight - maintain your weight loss with long-term results
  • Lose weight within the context of your complete health profile
  • Weight loss is designed around real foods

Is the most challenging part of losing weight keeping it off?

Not anymore. With our guided medical weight loss program, keeping off lost weight is much simpler. Our unique and scientific medical weight loss program gets to the very root of your weight loss difficulties. We consider your:

  • Blood panel
  • Metabolism
  • Thyroid function
  • Adrenal function
  • Cardiovascular system

We keep a lookout for medical conditions that prevent optimal weight loss like:

  • Depletion of key nutrients
  • Inflammation
  • Improper functioning of organs

Once we get to the root of why your body holds on to excess weight, we deal with that problem before we start working on your weight loss.

Renewed confidence with Genesis Lifestyle Medicine’s medical weight loss program

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine offers you a personalized weight loss program designed to suit your personal needs and lifestyle. We provide a holistic approach to weight loss. That means we consider several factors when designing your program, like your current state of health, lifestyle, habits, limits, current weight, desired weight, and underlying medical conditions that make it hard to lose weight.

Specialists design your personalized weight loss program to ensure you lose the maximum weight while maintaining general health. We provide you with specific tools, weight-loss strategies, sustainable diet and exercise plans, and continuous guidance to ensure you lose weight consistently and safely. Plus, your weekly body composition tests help us chart your progress based on fat, water, and muscle levels.

Our approach includes behavioral counseling, nutrition training, counseling, and sustainable diet and exercise programs. We also provide additional assistance to help curb cravings, mood swings, depression – the reason why many weight loss programs fail.

Losing weight is one of the smartest moves you can make to enjoy a healthy life. Genesis Lifestyle Medicine will provide you with a sustainable and personalized weight loss program to help you reach your desired weight. For more information, get in touch with us at our Greenville, South Carolina, office.

Are you a candidate for medical weight loss?

Yes, you are the right candidate for medical weight loss if you:

  • Have a strong desire to lose weight
  • Have not been able to lose weight
  • Have a BMI of 30+
  • Find it hard to lose weight because of underlying medical conditions
  • Are at risk of developing medical conditions because of your weight

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine for medical weight loss

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine began as a medical weight loss center before branching out into aesthetics and hormone therapy, and we maintain our position on the cutting edge of advanced weight loss treatments. We are a lifestyle brand that implements a multi-discipline approach to health and wellness, with each of our providers expertly trained in different disciplines in order to better provide a customized experience for each unique patient. Genesis Lifestyle Medicine is a clinic unlike any other when it comes to customer service, taking a family approach, and supporting each patient on their journey from beginning to end. Together, we’ll chart a sustainable course for success. If you’re interested in customized medical weight loss in Greenville to help you meet your goal weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, contact us today.

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