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Enhance Your Intimate Life

GAINSWave™ at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine is a cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment for men seeking to improve their sexual performance and overall sexual health without medications or surgeries. We offer GAINSWave™ in Las Vegas to help men suffering from ED, which can enhance blood flow, increase sensation, and restore vitality, helping you regain confidence and satisfaction in your intimate life.

Restore sexual confidence & satisfaction

GAINSWave™ is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment to rejuvenate and enhance men's sexual health. Using low-intensity acoustic wave therapy, GAINSWave™ stimulates blood flow and tissue regeneration in the penile region. This safe and painless procedure can address erectile dysfunction, improve sexual performance, and increase sensitivity. Rediscover your sexual confidence and satisfaction with GAINSWave™, a proven solution that can help you achieve a fulfilling, intimate life without relying on medications.

What does GAINSWave™ treat?

GAINSWave™ is a versatile treatment that effectively addresses various aspects of men's sexual health. It is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), helping men achieve firmer and longer-lasting erections. Additionally, GAINSWave™ can enhance sensitivity and arousal, making intimacy more pleasurable.

This therapy is also utilized to combat Peyronie's disease, a condition characterized by penile curvature, and improve overall sexual performance. GAINSWave™ in Las Vegas offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing male sexual function.

Benefits of GAINSWave™:

  • Improved erectile function
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Increased sensitivity and arousal
  • Non-invasive and painless treatment
  • No need for medication
  • Quick and convenient sessions
  • Potential improvement for Peyronie's disease
  • Enhanced overall sexual satisfaction
  • Long-lasting results with regular maintenance
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Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

How does GAINSWave™ work?

GAINSWave™ utilizes acoustic wave therapy to enhance sexual function. During a session, high-frequency, low-intensity acoustic waves are applied to the penile tissue. These waves stimulate the release of growth factors and improve blood flow by breaking down micro-plaque in blood vessels. This process encourages neovascularization, the formation of new blood vessels, and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue. As a result, it leads to improved erectile function, increased sensitivity, and enhanced sexual performance.

What type of results can you expect?

You can expect positive results from GAINSWave™ therapy within a few weeks of treatment. These results include improved erectile function, enhanced sensitivity, and better sexual performance. To achieve optimal and long-lasting results, it's recommended to undergo a series of sessions, typically between 6 to 12 treatments. The effects can last for up to two years, ensuring you enjoy a lasting improvement in your sexual health.

What happens after GAINSWave™ therapy?

After your session of GAINSWave™ in Las Vegas, you can expect a relatively simple post-treatment experience. Side effects are minimal, with some patients reporting mild redness or sensitivity that typically subsides within a few days. It's important to follow these aftercare guidelines:

  • Refrain from sexual activity for about 24-48 hours.
  • Stay well-hydrated to support the body's healing process.
  • Resume your regular activities immediately.

Most men experience noticeable improvements within a few weeks, with optimal results achieved after a series of sessions.

happy outdoors couple after GAINSWave treatment in Las Vegas
Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

Learn more about GAINSWave™ in Las Vegas

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine is your trusted source for GAINSWave™ therapy in Las Vegas. If you're looking to enhance your sexual health and regain confidence in your intimate life, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our experienced team. Discover how GAINSWave™ can benefit you, whether you're dealing with erectile dysfunction or seeking improved sexual performance. Take the first step toward a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience.

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