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Nothing is more annoying and frustrating than helplessly watching your hair thin out. As the crown of the head, your hair is instantly noticeable. So anything wrong with it will also be immediately clear to others.

Treatment Options

Today, there are quite a few treatment options for scalp pigmentation in Las Vegas at your disposal for thinning hair. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages.


Minoxidil is a topical medication that is applied to the scalp for thinning hair. Some people, particularly those in the earlier stages of hair loss, get good results from minoxidil. More typically, minoxidil only slows down the thinning process, and is less effective over time.


Finasteride is an oral medication that helps to partially block the effects of DHT – the male hormone believed to be primarily responsible for hair loss in men. Unfortunately, finasteride also has a significant rate of side effects, some of which are sexual, such as loss of libido.

Hair Transplant

Getting a hair transplant is usually the most effective hair loss solution for most people. But it does not come without drawbacks. The main one is cost. A good hair transplant can set you back $10,000 or more. And the process sometimes results in noticeable scars.

Scalp pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation in Las Vegas, sometimes known as scalp micro-pigmentation, is one option that many people are turning to for camouflaging the effects of thinning hair. This treatment doesn't actually involve the production or transplantation of actual hair. Instead, it creates the illusion of hair.

Scalp pigmentation is simply a form of tattooing in which your provider will great thousands of small dots in the treatment area to simulate the appearance of trimmed-down hair follicles. Assuming the rest of your hair is short, the results appear as if you have a buzz cut.

Man after scalp pigmentation in Las Vegas
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Scalp Pigmentation FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about scalp micro-pigmentation:

What equipment is used for scalp pigmentation?

Your Genesis Lifestyle Medicine provider in Las Vegas uses the advanced Nouveau Contour IQ device to perform scalp pigmentation. This innovative device can create as many as 150 needle insertions per second. It also gives your provider an unmatched level of precision, automatically adjusting itself to changes in skin resistance so that you always get the proper needle depth and frequency.

If my skin tone is lighter or darker, will this treatment still help?

Yes. Your provider can match the shade of pigment across a wide range of skin tones.

Do I need to limit sweating in the treatment area?

Yes, at first. Avoid heavy sweating or vigorous exercise for about five days after your scalp pigmentation in Las Vegas treatment.

Does the treatment hurt?

Most clients experience minimal pain during the procedure, which is significantly more comfortable than conventional tattoos. You can be provided with a topical numbing agent before your scalp pigmentation process begins.

Your Consultation

If you want to learn if you would make a good candidate for scalp pigmentation, or would like to request more information about this hair loss solution, please contact your Dallas Genesis Lifestyle Medicine provider today to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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