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Minimize the Appearance of Scars

There are quite a few treatments available to help minimize scars. One you may not have heard of is scar camouflage. Many people are undergoing acne scarring treatments in Las Vegas.

What is scar camouflage?

Scar camouflage is a cosmetic treatment using tattoos to conceal skin affected by things like acne scars, tummy tuck scars, and stretch mark camouflage in Las Vegas. It involves the application of permanent makeup to minimize the appearance of scars. Your provider will use a custom pigment blended to identically match your skin tone and color.

As with regular tattoos, a range of needles is used to place the selected pigment into the skin to create a permanent camouflage effect. The results should last up to three years before a touch-up is needed.

woman after stretch mark camouflage in Las Vegas
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Nouveau Contour

To perform your scar camouflage, your provider will use the innovative Nouveau Contour IQ device, which utilizes proven technology to deliver up to 150 needle punctures per second.

The IQ is known for being extremely precise. Micro-pigmentation is an extremely delicate process, so this device is perfect for this application. In addition to scar camouflage, the IQ device helps with areola reconstruction, skin re-pigmentation and acne scarring treatment in Las Vegas

Types of scars

Tummy Tuck Scars

The tummy tuck procedure has helped many people feel better about their appearance by providing them with slimmer and more youthful contours. Unfortunately, this popular procedure can also create scars. Although the plastic surgeon will do their best to place the scars in more obscure areas, the effect is sometimes still noticeable. Scar camouflage can help to reduce the appearance of tummy tuck scars to help improve your overall appearance.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are scars that develop in areas where the skin has been extremely stretched. Some people are very embarrassed about their stretch marks and avoid wearing revealing clothes for that reason. Fortunately, scar camouflage or stretch mark camouflage in Las Vegas can help you if you have stretch marks, allowing you to feel much better about your body.

Acne Scars

You may find that your skin loses color and pigmentation after an infection, which leads to an acne scar. Normal color can be restored using scar camouflage correction. Our highly trained aestheticians will help fine the best acne scarring treatment in Las Vegas that works for you.

Would I make a good candidate for treatment with scar camouflage?

Before committing to any type of treatment, it's important to understand what the treatment can and cannot do. Scar camouflage is most effective in places that do not receive direct sunlight regularly. The reason is that the skin around the treatment site will be exposed to UV radiation and change color, while the tattooed skin will not.

To determine if you would make a good candidate for scar camouflage treatment, contact your provider today to schedule a consultation.

For More Information

Do you need some more information about scar camouflage before making a commitment? If so, please contact your Las Vegas Genesis Lifestyle Medicine provider today to request additional information or to schedule your consultation.

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