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Introducing PDO thread lifts in Franklin, TN at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine. This innovative treatment effectively addresses sagging skin and restores a youthful appearance without surgery, offering a non-invasive solution for a revitalized look.

Stimulate Collagen & Reverse Aging

PDO threads are a cutting-edge cosmetic treatment aimed at stimulating collagen production and reversing the effects of aging. These threads are made of a safe, dissolvable material skillfully inserted beneath the skin to lift and tighten sagging areas. As collagen production is triggered, the skin undergoes gradual rejuvenation, resulting in a more youthful and lifted appearance. With no surgery required, PDO threads offer a minimally invasive solution for natural-looking, long-lasting results.

PDO Threads Treat:

  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Loss of facial volume
  • Jowls and drooping cheeks
  • Neck and jawline laxity
  • Marionette lines (lines around the mouth)
  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Eyebrow ptosis (drooping eyebrows)
woman after PDO thread lift in Franklin
Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

PDO Threads Treatment Areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Jawline
  • Cheeks
  • Eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • Under-eye area

Collagen: The Skin’s Structural Framework

Collagen is the skin's essential structural framework, providing strength, elasticity, and support. It is a vital protein in the dermis, ensuring the skin remains smooth and firm. As we age, collagen production declines, leading to visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of volume. Stimulating collagen production through treatments like PDO thread lift in Franklin, TN can effectively reverse these effects, rejuvenating the skin and restoring a youthful appearance.

Types Of PDO Threads

Barbed Threads

Barbed threads feature tiny cogs or barbs, providing a more significant lifting effect. These threads are ideal for addressing moderate to severe sagging in areas like the cheeks and jawline. The barbs anchor into the skin, allowing for a secure hold and immediate improvement in skin elevation, following which they stimulate collagen production.

Smooth Threads

Smooth threads lack barbs and are primarily used for stimulating collagen production. These threads are excellent for treating fine lines, wrinkles, and overall skin rejuvenation. As the smooth threads dissolve, they leave behind a foundation of newly synthesized collagen, enhancing the skin's texture and elasticity.

How PDO Threads Work

When the dissolvable polydioxanone threads are inserted into the skin's deeper layers, they create a "mesh-like" structure to provide an instant lift, making your skin look firmer and tighter. The PDO threads also trigger the body's natural healing response, stimulating collagen production around the threads. As collagen forms, it strengthens the skin's foundation, leading to improved elasticity and a lifting effect. Over time, the threads gradually dissolve, leaving behind the newly formed collagen, which sustains the skin's rejuvenated appearance.

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Benefits of PDO Threads:

  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Minimal downtime
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Lifts and tightens sagging skin
  • Natural-looking results
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Versatile treatment areas
  • Gradual and progressive rejuvenation

Side Effects & Recovery Process

After a PDO thread lift in Franklin, TN, you may experience mild side effects, including temporary swelling, bruising, and soreness at the insertion sites. These effects are generally short-lived and can be managed with ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers. The recovery process is typically quick, with most individuals resuming daily activities within a few days. It's essential to follow post-procedure instructions and avoid intense physical activities during the initial recovery period for optimal results and minimal discomfort.

The Onset & Longevity Of Results

After undergoing PDO threads treatment, you can expect immediate improvements in skin tightness and lift. However, the full effects will become apparent as collagen production increases over the following weeks. Results are long-lasting and can typically last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, depending on individual factors. To maintain the rejuvenating effects, periodic follow-up treatments may be recommended. Our medical providers will curate a personalized treatment plan and recommend the optimal frequency of sessions.

Defy Aging With PDO Threads in Franklin

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine offers you the opportunity to defy aging with PDO threads in Franklin. Rediscover a more youthful and lifted appearance without surgery. Our skilled team will guide you through this non-invasive journey, stimulating collagen and rejuvenating your skin. Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation to explore how PDO thread lifts in Franklin, TN can help you regain confidence and achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results.

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