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Become a Professional Beautician

Do you want to be a professional makeup artist or beautician? Are you looking for a qualified instructor to train you in the field? If so, consider Genesis Lifestyle Medicine.

We are a highly-reputed med spa located in Henderson, Nevada. We will train you to become a qualified and certified makeup artist. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the training courses we offer.

Meet your trainer,
Amanda May

Amanda May is a certified aesthetician in Nevada, with over a decade’s professional experience. She is currently the head trainer at our facility and also the Beauty Director for Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Henderson.

Amanda May’s approach to training is dynamic, empathetic and strategic. She teaches you to not just become technically proficient, but also learn the ins and outs of setting up a beauty business.

She also offers a 6-months apprenticeship program for those participants who are planning to take up the aesthetician certification in Nevada. You will be given access to all your training resources, which include physical resources, classes and online course materials that you can take at your own pace. Once you complete your training program, Amanda May will conduct a rigorous examination, certifying participants who have passed the evaluation.

Our courses are extremely stringent and we focus on sending out highly-skilled practitioners who can make a positive impact on their communities.

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

Acquire the latest industry skills

At our Henderson Genesis Lifestyle Medicine clinic, we offer training courses on trending and cutting-edge treatments such as:

  • Semi-permanent makeup
  • Permanent makeup
  • Advanced brow treatments
  • Advanced skincare treatments

What you will learn

If you are completely new to the industry, you can start right from the basics, with our courses on:

  • Makeup
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Microblading – Fundamentals

At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we have made our training sessions extremely budget-friendly and seamless to pursue. You can either pick one area and get trained in it or choose a combination of techniques to learn.

Our training courses are designed keeping in mind different learning requirements and learning styles. With a combination of rich, theoretical concepts and enriching practical exercises, these training sessions will give you a well-rounded education in your chosen areas of practice.

If you’d like to apply for the course, request an appointment online, and Amanda will reach out to you to get you set up. Your training will include a unique kit with all of the tools required to successfully start your new practice post-training. If you have any questions about these training programs, feel free to contact us today.

Learn how to get your
business off the ground

Amanda May doesn’t just focus on imparting technical beauty/makeup skills to her students. She also focuses on empowering them with the business skills they need to get their new beauty businesses off the ground.

When you train with us at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Henderson, you also have the option of choosing to study our Business Coaching program and Business Training Workshops.

These sessions will give you the insights you need to:

  • Draw up your business plan
  • Choose a sustainable business model
  • Plan your services & operations. Select and plan marketing campaigns
  • Know how and where to hire qualified people
  • Learn how to apportion your finances in your business
  • Gauge market trends and adopt new techniques

Aesthetic Training at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

As part of the Business Training Workshops, you will also get to work with other artists from the industry and learn important real-life skills from them.

At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we do offer financing to our applicants on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to find out your eligibility for this financing, feel free to consult Amanda May during your application process. Please contact us to learn more.

We look forward to having you in our classes.

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