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Medical-Grade Skincare

Skin specialists recommend investing in medical-grade skincare products for the absolute best results for your beauty regimen.

When to use medical-grade skincare products

For those who have problematic skin or a specific skin condition that needs to be treated at home, or for those who want to fight the signs of aging with the very best skincare products available, medical-grade skincare is often the best option. Medical-grade skincare is also generally required after many cosmetic treatments.

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Getting the most out of active ingredients

Over-the-counter skincare products are not made with the highest amount of active ingredients because so many customers misuse them. However, medical-grade skincare products include a very high, effective amount of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol because you must speak to a specialist before purchasing them. 

The components of medical-grade skincare products are chosen under the direction of a medical professional to get the absolute most out of the active ingredient, and to also work well with other enhancing ingredients. These ingredients are highly stabilized and last much longer than drugstore products. 

OTC vs. medical-grade skincare

It’s a proven fact that medical-grade skincare products include a higher percentage of active ingredients than over-the-counter products. Not only this, but over-the-counter skincare products often include ingredients that can actually harm your skin. Why not invest in yourself and make sure you’re using the best product for your specific needs? With medical-grade skincare, your products will be chosen by a trained professional who understands exactly what your skin requires. With over-the-counter products, you typically wind up with a disappointing cream or lotion that barely contains what your skin needs. If you think it’s time to switch to something more powerful, Genesis Lifestyle Medicine is here for you.

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine for the best in skincare

If you’re looking for the best medical-grade skincare products available, please contact our specialists for a consultation. You will receive one-on-one advice about what skincare products will best meet your needs. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we are here for you, from the very beginning of your journey to the end. We are always available to answer questions and help address your concerns. We are a go-to lifestyle brand with a team that is happy to take care of all your health and wellness needs. With over 50,000 patients, we are proud to offer the absolute best in customer service, delivered by experienced medical professionals. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us

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