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A rich crop of hair is the very first thing people often notice when they meet someone new. Make an unforgettable and memorable first impression with a head full of natural-looking, lush hair.

The Follicular Unit Extraction treatment has revolutionized the hair transplant industry with its powerful and aesthetic results. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, our Dallas and Frisco branches both are equipped to help restore your scalp’s natural fecundity.

Visit our Frisco or Dallas location for your FUE treatment.

Reverse time and get back those thick locks

We lose hair all the time. But sometimes, hair fall can be very severe and can result in our losing large clumps of hair. This hair loss can make us feel very conscious and vulnerable. Thankfully, the days of standing in the sidelines are over. With the FUE procedure, you can now re-acquire the beautiful and soft hair you once had.

The best thing about the FUE procedure is that it does not use any invasive or painful surgery to treat hair fall.

At our Dallas and Frisco branches at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we have a specialized, state-of-the-art FUE device, which we use for the procedure. Our team of qualified and experienced hair & scalp professionals collect your hair follicle – completely unscathed – and re-implant it in the location you need hair on. This ensures that there is no tender scalp strip that is harvested for the treatment.

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Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

The Genesis hair transplantation process

Suitable for all genders

The Follicular Unit Extraction treatment at our Genesis Lifestyle Medicine Dallas and Frisco branches is suitable for people across genders. We can use the procedure to help address hair fall in various parts of the face; for example:

  • Balding scalp/head
  • Eyebrows
  • Mustache
  • Beard

The FUE device we use is capable of seamlessly and carefully harvesting from even the most tender hairline. The procedure is gentle and relatively pain-free. At our Frisco and Dallas medspa branches, we use a handheld device to provide the treatment. The absence of surgical grafting ensures you aren’t left behind with a scar on the donor site post-treatment.

Additionally, this reduces your downtime and quickens your results, helping you get back to your social life soon after the procedure.

Before & After

What makes us different?

Unlike other hair restoration specialists, we harvest and transplant each of our treatments by hand. What this means is that you get the absolute best treatment possible with NO scars and NO downtime. Transplantation done by machines cannot properly lay hairs in a natural pattern. They also cannot properly transplant hairs of different ethnicities. Because of the way we transplant hairs, we are able to significantly increase the number of follicles that can be harvested and give the best results possible. The providers who perform FUE hair transplantation at Genesis have a combined 100+ years of experience in hair restoration, with each provider having over 20 years of experience. We are second to none when it comes to hair transplantation!

Natural results you’ll be tremendously happy with

Our primary objective at our Genesis Lifestyle Medicine Dallas and Frisco med spa branches is to help you get the results you desire. When doing the FUE procedure, we run a couple of tests to understand your hair health and requirements. This enables us to customize the results for you.

After the FUE procedure, you’ll be hard-pressed to recognize the difference between your existing hair and transplanted one. So, stow those wigs away and hide those caps and hats. The day has come to let your hair loose and celebrate your most confident self.

An overview of the FUE procedure timeline

When undergoing the FUE procedure, you must have patience. Generally speaking, most patients notice 70% of the results after 7 months and 80% of the results after 8 months. The final results generally appear a year after the procedure.

In some cases, the onset of results can be sped up with the addition of CRP or ACell therapy, allowing you to see 99% of the results within 4.5 months. Below, we provide a comprehensive timeline of your recovery journey after the FUE procedure.

1 Day After

You will be asked to wash your hair gently to ensure your scalp is free of blood. You may experience mild soreness, numbness, tightness, and possible oozing in the donor site.

2 to 3 Days After

The scabbing will be gone from the recipient site, but you may still have some redness and swelling. There’s no discomfort on the recipient site, but the donor site may still have some soreness and numbness.

4 to 6 Days After

You may notice mild swelling around the eyes, cheeks, and the bridge of your nose. If there’s any residual crusting on the donor site, you can remove it with running shower water.

1 Week After

The swelling and redness in the recipient area will be completely subsided or extremely faint. The transplanted hairs will give the appearance of a week-old beard. The donor area should be completely healed at this point, but you may have some persistent numbness.

10 Days After

The hair grafts will be firmly in place at this point, so you can scrub off any residual crusting from the recipient site.

2 Weeks After

At this stage, the grafts should be so firmly attached that they can’t be removed or dislodged. The transplanted hairs will gradually start shedding away. You can resume shampooing, combing, brushing, haircuts, and other normal activities. In most cases, the numbness in the donor site will be completely gone.

3 Weeks After

Most of the transplanted hair would have been shed at this point.

1 Month After

Your hair follicles will enter the resting phase, and you’ll look exactly like you did before the procedure. You can also start dyeing your hair if you so choose.

2 to 5 Months After

The transplanted hair will start growing, and you’ll notice extremely fine hair strands. Most of the original hair will also start growing back.

6 to 9 Months After

Your hair will continue growing and thickening over several months. You may notice minor textural changes in your hair.

10 Months After

Your doctor will call you for a follow-up appointment to determine if you need another session.

1 Year After

You can now appreciate the final results of your hair transplantation journey!

1 to 2 Years After

You may notice even more fullness in your hair over time. Furthermore, the textural changes should gradually revert to normal.

Visit our Frisco and Dallas medspa branches today

At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we offer our cutting-edge Follicular Unit Extraction treatment only at select branches. Contact us today to book your consultation.

Genesis Hair Transplantation Process

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