Women’s Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy For Women

Reverse the effects of aging by giving your body what it needs to restore natural balance.

For most women, hormonal imbalances and frustrating side effects of aging go hand-in-hand. Often thought to be unavoidable, or even a right of passage, science is proving that getting older doesn’t mean losing control over how a woman looks and feels. By creating a unique bio-identical hormone therapy program, women can say goodbye to hot flashes, dramatic changes in mood, vaginal discomfort and dryness, diminished sex drive, and brain fog.

Additionally, bio-identical hormone therapy for women can also help reverse other imbalances that cause issues like adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, PMS and peri-menopause.

Whether you are struggling with menopause, PMS and peri-menopause symptoms, or other issues created by hormonal imbalances, a custom hormonal therapy program designed by our team of specialists can help. It is possible for you to live comfortably at any age – and it all starts with bringing you body back into balance. By giving your body bio-identical hormones to replace the ones that have been depleted, you can actually reverse the symptoms you are currently experiencing.

But, that’s just the beginning.

By getting your body back into balance, you not only reverse symptoms, you prevent other issues from ever arising. You can live each day to the fullest, feeling and looking your best, all you need is the right hormones.

If you are a woman experiencing any of the symptoms below, we’re confident that a custom bio-identical hormone replacement therapy program will help:

1. Reduced sex drive

2. Diminished sexual pleasure

3. Vaginal discomfort and dryness

4. Hot flashes and night sweats

5. Decreased energy

6. Regular mood swings

7. Depression

8. Anxiety

9. Insomnia or difficulty sleeping

10. Reduced mental clarity or “brain fog”

11. Impaired immune system

12. Decline in body’s ability to repair and heal

13. Unusual weight gain

14. Increased body fat

15. Reduced muscle mass and overall strength

Incredibly effective, each bio-identical hormone is created from plant-based, natural sources so that they mimic the actual hormones found in your body. Drastically different from synthetic hormones commonly used in other therapy programs, bio-identical hormones are safer and more effective. By using bio-identical hormones you can be sure that you achieve the results you want, from the inside out.

Women who undergo our unique bio-identical hormone replacement sessions notice a dramatic improvement in the way their body functions. Each of our customized treatment plans are developed to improve four major areas of your health and well-being:

1. Energy. Rebalancing the hormones in your body improves your overall energy. Not only will you be able to create and keep lean muscle, but you’ll be able to do more of what you love each and every day.

2. Libido. Giving your body the right hormones, especially testosterone, helps women increase their sex drive. Hormone replacement therapy can increase stamina and even result in better, more intense orgasms.

3. Mood. Depression and irritability are just two of the symptoms are treatment sessions can improve. By stabilizing a woman’s overall mood, our treatments improve overall health and well-being.

4. Cardiovascular System. When your body has the right balance of hormones, especially testosterone, your cardiovascular system works better. For women, testosterone keeps the heart healthy, ensuring that blood vessels do their job properly, giving oxygen and nutrients to the entire body. Hormone replacement therapy can also reduce the chance of stroke and heart attack in women.