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A Boost of Nutrients for Enhanced Health and Wellness

Although IV therapy is commonly used in hospitals to help patients quickly absorb fluids, nutrients, and medications, many patients now use IV therapy to improve their body’s functions and promote overall wellness and health. IV therapy in Corona can have a wide range of benefits because of its absorption rate and ability to deliver vitamins and nutrients for optimum health. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we offer IV therapy and many other advanced treatments that can help you achieve your wellness goals. Call us to schedule a consultation.

Improve your overall health with IV therapy

When you receive vitamins and nutrients directly through the bloodstream, it bypasses the digestive system, ensuring that you absorb everything you need before the rest is flushed out through the kidneys. These are some of the many benefits you could enjoy from IV therapy:

  • It could aid with weight loss
  • It could treat some nutrient deficiencies 
  • It may increase energy levels
  • It eases feelings of anxiety and helps with relaxation
  • It could treat the symptoms of a hangover
  • It could cleanse your body of free radicals and toxins

The benefits you could experience using IV therapy in Corona depend on the cocktail you receive. For example, if your goal is to improve your ability to lose weight, your cocktail may include carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid. If you are trying to improve cardiovascular health, your cocktail may consist of magnesium sulfate, arginine, tri-amino, and calcium. Other vitamins commonly used in IV therapy include vitamins C, B, and zinc. Our team will customize a cocktail that most effectively meets your needs.

Why you should choose the team at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Corona

The team at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Corona is dedicated to providing personalized, patient-focused care. Our doctors have successfully treated thousands of patients who struggle with chronic pain and other conditions that may hold them back from living their lives to the fullest. We utilize the latest technologies and some of the most advanced treatments in an environment where you can feel relaxed and tension-free.

Whether you are dealing with pain, wish to lose weight, or would like to improve your sexual performance, we could create a treatment plan for you. So let our medical team help. Our goal in treating chronic conditions is to identify the underlying cause rather than mask symptoms, and for many patients, IV therapy in Corona is highly effective.

What to expect when undergoing IV therapy

During your IV therapy session, you will receive your customized cocktail through a needle attached to a small tube connected to an IV bag. The bag’s contents will slowly drip into your bloodstream, so you can expect your session to last between 45 minutes to an hour. In some cases, depending on what you are treating, you may feel the effects of IV therapy right away. It may also take as long as three weeks before you experience the results.

The number of sessions you may need will also depend on your goal. To treat a nutrient deficiency, you may only require one session. If you want to improve your ability to lose weight, you may need more than one session. You can also make IV therapy part of your self-care routine and regularly receive a custom cocktail to boost wellness whenever needed.

Receiving IV therapy in Corona is very convenient. Patients do not require any downtime or a period of recovery. They can resume their usual activities afterward, making it easy to fit in a session to improve their health.

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Visit Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Corona for your health and wellness needs today

If you need a boost in energy or assistance with your weight loss goals, IV therapy could be effective in improving your well-being. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Corona, our dedicated team of doctors has more than four decades of experience and believes in taking a healing and restoring approach to health. We also understand that every patient we care for is unique, so we listen closely to your concerns to create a tailored treatment plan that works for you. Get started on your health and wellness journey by contacting our office in Corona to schedule a consultation.

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