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Treating sexual wellness for men

Discover a renewed sense of vitality and confidence with TriMix at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Costa Mesa. Our cutting-edge male sexual wellness solution offers a safe and effective way to address erectile dysfunction, helping you regain sexual vitality and enhance overall well-being.

The Injectable Solution To Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

TriMix is a specialized medication blend designed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) effectively. Comprising three key ingredients—Papaverine, Phentolamine, and Alprostadil—TriMix works by dilating blood vessels in the penis, improving blood flow, and enabling a firmer, longer-lasting erection. Customized to suit individual needs, the precise dosage is determined by our medical experts at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Costa Mesa. TriMix offers a reliable and discreet solution for men seeking to regain their sexual confidence and satisfaction.

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

TriMix Treats:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Reduced sexual performance
  • Confidence issues related to intimacy
  • Poor blood flow to the penis

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The Three Components Of TriMix

Papaverine acts as a vasodilator, which relaxes the smooth muscle walls of blood vessels within the penis. This leads to vasodilation, the widening of blood vessels, which enables a greater volume of blood to flow into the erectile tissues of the penis. This increased blood flow is crucial for achieving and maintaining an erection.

Phentolamine is an alpha-blocker. It works by inhibiting the action of alpha-adrenergic receptors, which are responsible for causing the constriction (narrowing) of arteries. By blocking these receptors, Phentolamine prevents the arteries in the penis from constricting. As a result, the arteries remain dilated (widened), ensuring blood flows freely into the penis.

Alprostadil is a synthetic form of prostaglandin E1 (PGE1), a naturally occurring substance in the body. When applied to the erectile tissues, Alprostadil binds to specific receptors on smooth muscle cells in the blood vessel walls. This results in the relaxation of the smooth muscle, allowing the arteries in the penis to widen, which allows more blood to flow into the penis.

    Benefits Of TriMix:

    • Rapid onset within 5 minutes
    • Suitable alternative to Viagra and Cialis
    • High efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction
    • Customizable dosage for individual needs
    • Improved sexual performance
    • Enhanced confidence in intimate relationships
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    Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

    When To Consider TriMix

    If you're struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED) or encountering difficulties in achieving and sustaining an erection, TriMix therapy could be the solution you need.

    Whether ED is caused by physical factors like vascular issues or psychological factors, TriMix's customizable approach helps men of various backgrounds regain their confidence and sexual satisfaction.

    How Often Can I Take TriMix?

    You can take TriMix up to three times a week, but it's important to leave at least a 24-hour gap or more between each injection. This dosing schedule ensures the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Our providers at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine will administer the first injection and show you how to self-administer the treatment at home.

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    Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Costa Mesa is ready to assist you on your journey to improved sexual wellness with TriMix therapy. If you're interested in this effective solution for erectile dysfunction or have questions about our services, our dedicated team of experts is here to help. Don't hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore the benefits of TriMix.

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