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Brow treatments

Eyebrows are an essential element of your facial appearance. That's why you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the morning using an eyebrow pencil. Correctly proportioned, your eyebrows can really improve your appearance by providing a frame for your face and adding polish to your appearance, definition to your eyes, and helping you achieve a more youthful look.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could do all of that without the drudgery of daily drawing and powdering your face? The good news is that now you can with Genesis Lifestyle Medicine's microblading eyebrow treatment.


Also known as semi-permanent makeup, microblading is a type of eyebrow embroidery that involves the use of careful strokes in etching pigment into shallow depths of the skin using tiny, sterile blades. What you wind up with is the appearance of extra eyebrow volume to enhance your appearance.

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

Your consultation and treatment

At your consultation, your provider will help you develop an individual eyebrow design plan based upon your aesthetic goals, as well as the features and measurements of your face. Your provider will outline the new shape of your brows, apply a topical numbing agent, and implant the pigment under your skin. Your eyebrows will grow gradually darker until you achieve the result that you desire.

Microblading is a somewhat meticulous procedure that can take around two hours to finish. Right after your microblading procedure, and continuing over the next week or two, the color of your eyebrows will take on a softer tone. So keep in mind that your initial results will be somewhat different when the process is complete.


Are you unhappy with eyebrows that are thinning? Nanoblading is a procedure that can fill in sparsely covered eyebrows, making them appear thicker. It involves the use of an ink and extremely fine blade for creating hair-like strokes that appear like natural eyebrow hair.

Nanoblading is a lot like microblading, but the difference is that smaller blades are used. The smaller blade helps to improve accuracy and precision so that you obtain more natural-looking results.

Using a smaller blade also leads to less bleeding and pain. Another key difference between nanoblading and microblading is length of results. While microblading may offer results of up to 18 months, the results of nanoblading can last up to three years.

Your Nanblading treatment

Nanoblading normally consists of two steps: the initial treatment and a follow-up treatment to fine-tune the previous treatment session.

Before your nanoblading treatment:

  • Avoid waxing or tweezing your eyebrows for one week.
  • Do not get a facial for a minimum of two weeks before your appointment.
  • Avoid tanning or sunbathing on the day of your nanoblading appointment.
  • Avoid the use of retinol or vitamin A products for one month before your treatment.

During the treatment

After you have selected the appropriate shape and color of your eyebrows, your provider will mark the desired shape and remove any excess hair. Next, they will apply a numbing agent to the treatment area. They will use a blade and pigment to make fine, hair-like strokes, filling in your eyebrows.

After the treatment

After your first treatment session, you will need to return for an additional session in about two months so that your aesthetician can perfect your look. They may be adding extra strokes and tweaking the shape of your brows during what is known as a "perfecting session."

For More Information

Would you like to know more about brow treatments? If so, feel free to contact Frisco Genesis Lifestyle Medicine today to request more information or schedule a consultation.

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