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Award-Winning Botox Provider

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine is proud to be a Botox Diamond Provider, which means our practices fall within the top three percent of all Botox cosmetic injectors in the US.

The Diamond Status award acknowledges our extensive experience and ongoing established relationship with Allergan. We have proven experience with Botox and are trusted to produce top-quality results. Come see us for experienced Botox in Indianapolis.

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Do You Want to Look Younger?

Do crow's feet and wrinkles give you a worn-out appearance? Are you seeing the formation of new lines or the deepening of old ones? There are several options available, and depending on your circumstances, Botox in Indianapolis may be the best choice for you.

Without invasive surgery, Botox injections minimize lines and wrinkles and restore a younger and more natural-looking appearance. How is this accomplished? Botox is a well-known kind of neuromodulator that works as a muscle relaxant to progressively improve the look of the skin above it. Our Genesis Lifestyle Medicine team is happy to offer this treatment to women and men who are looking to rejuvenate their skin and give a more youthful and bright glow.

What is Botox?

One of the most widely used anti-aging procedures in the world is Botox Cosmetic, the consumer-friendly brand of the botulinum toxin. Your face will seem smooth, relaxed, and natural after receiving expert Botox injections that are safe and non-invasive.

By inhibiting nerve impulses and relaxing the region, this therapy may assist if you have neck creases, crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, or frown lines between your eyebrows. Additionally, a neuromodulator like Botox may narrow the lower face, eliminate gummy smiles as well as lifting the brows and opening the eyes.

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Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

How can Botox help you?

Botox is a powerful muscle relaxant for aging skin or wrinkle prevention, whether you're smoothing out existing wrinkles or visiting the clinic to get a treatment before wrinkles even occur.

There are many benefits to Botox in Indianapolis, including:

  • Quick Results: 1-2 days after treatment, benefits may be seen
  • Long-Lasting: Single treatments last 4-6 months
  • No Pain: Free of discomfort and the need for anesthesia
  • Low Risk: Less than 2% of people have minor side effects
  • Quick Service: The treatment takes 10–30 minutes
  • No Recovery Period: Quickly return to work or home; no time for recovery is required

Cosmetic benefits:

  • Removes wrinkles and creases
  • Diminishes deep ridges
  • Reduces the appearance of age and stops wrinkles from becoming deeper
  • Lifts the facial features
  • Smooths and revitalizes your look
  • Prevents further wrinkles from occurring

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Botox treatment and recovery

It takes approximately 10 minutes to get a Botox injection, and it's not that painful at all for the patient. You don't need to wait for a recuperation period, and you may see results in a few days. Botox should last for around 3-5 months, but outcomes may vary based on the location of the injection.

Your Botox results

Botox injection results often reach their peak impact 10 to 14 days following injection. Up to three to four months after the first treatment, a maintenance treatment is advised in order to keep your results. Repeated maintenance injections often extend the life of the effects of Botox.

Are you ready for a refreshed look with Botox in Indianapolis?

With the help of our safe and effective Botox cosmetic procedures, we want to assist you in achieving a youthful glow that will enhance not only your skin but also your confidence.

At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, Botox in Indianapolis can give you the revitalized and youthful-looking skin you deserve. Contact our clinic to schedule your consultation if you have any questions regarding Botox and how it may help you reach your goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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