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Laser hair removal in Las Vegas

Frequent shaving, waxing, and epilating can be so tedious. How wonderful would it be if you could get rid of body hair once and never have to worry about it again? 

Laser hair removal is a great way to remove unwanted body hair quickly, with results lasting a long period of time. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we are one of the leading providers of laser hair removal in Las Vegas, Nevada. Feel free to schedule a session today. 

Near-permanent hair removal 

There is a peace of mind that comes with near-permanent hair removal. Body hair can be very frustrating, limiting our wardrobes and making social encounters embarrassing. Now you can say goodbye to such problems. At our Genesis Lifestyle Medicine med spa in Las Vegas, we offer laser hair removal to help you get rid of excess body hair. 

We use cutting-edge technology to destroy the hair follicles at their roots, ensuring they don’t grow back again. Once these hair follicles are destroyed, they seldom grow back, allowing you to enjoy smooth and hair-free skin for years. 

patient showing her fresh skin after laser hair removal in las vegas
Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works on the process of selective photothermolysis. Specific wavelengths of laser light are targeted at your hair follicles. The melanin pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and the heat energy is spread across the length of the hair, including the roots. Once it hits the roots, the hot laser waves dry-up the follicles and cause them to die. The higher the pigment content in your hair, the more effective will this treatment be. 

Who should get laser hair removal?

You should undergo the procedure if:

  • You are embarrassed by body hair.
  • You want a hair removal solution that doesn’t require too many repeat maintenance sessions.
  • You want to save money on years of hair removal products.
  • You want skin that feels soft and smooth all the time.
  • Your profession requires you to undergo hair removal treatments often.
  • You shave and do not wax, epilate, thread, or tweeze.

Feel free to contact our Las Vegas laser hair removal facility to schedule a treatment today.

How do I know if I am a candidate?

Despite the numerous benefits that laser hair removal offers, you may not be the right candidate for this treatment if: 

  • You have a skin condition that can flare-up because of the laser heat.
  • You have very sensitive skin that bruises very easily.
  • You have very thin/fine and light-colored hair on the treatment site (i.e. lighter shades of grey, blonde, white, or red).
  • You have a dark skin tone (the procedure can cause skin discoloration).
  • You are pregnant.

In these instances, our Las Vegas med spa specialists will recommend other treatments that may be better for you and which offer you the desired cosmetic results. 

Treatment areas  

  • Underarms 
  • Arms & legs
  • Bikini
  • Back 
  • Abdomen
  • Chest 
  • Upper & lower lips
  • Eyebrows
client smiling in swimsuit after laser hair removal in las vegas
Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

What is the procedure like?

Laser hair removal is probably the only solution that is truly permanent. This is a safe procedure that involves the use of a laser device that is held against the skin for a brief period of time until the area with the unwanted hair has been completely treated. The heat from the laser damages the hair follicles, typically to the point where the hair cannot regrow, as they are destroyed at the root.

As you will discover during your consultation, each person has different levels of unwanted hair, and different body areas can be affected. Dark hair on light skin is very responsive to laser hair removal and may require fewer treatments than those with other skin and hair colors.

Laser hair removal is not painful – most people feel it is less painful than waxing. For those with very sensitive skin, a pain-relieving cream can be applied prior to the treatment to ensure comfort.

The treatment can be finished in under an hour. Once the procedure is complete, you can return to work.

You will experience a substantial reduction in unwanted hair after only one session, and long-lasting or permanent results after the entire course of treatment Any excess hair growth that appears after this time will require only a touch-up treatment. To learn more about our laser hair removal in Las Vegas, schedule your consultation at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine.

What to expect after treatment

Your skin will feel tender, inflamed, and sore after the treatment. You may also notice a few red bumps on the treatment sites. But these will subside in a few days.

You have to keep the treatment site covered from the sun, as your skin is very prone to discoloration at this stage. Avoid wearing any make-up for 24-48 hours and use soothing lotions to hydrate your skin. We can recommend the best products for you post-treatment.

A week after the treatment, you can start to gently exfoliate the treatment sites, to facilitate faster hair fall. Don’t undergo any other laser treatments, hair removal treatments, or chemical peels for at least 2 weeks after laser hair removal.

You will begin to see hair fall occurring from the second week after the procedure. The hair can continue to fall 2-3 months after the treatment as well.

Do treated hair follicles re-grow?

While laser hair removal is considered a permanent hair removal procedure, it is only permanent if the hair follicle dies completely. If the hair follicle doesn’t get completely destroyed, it can heal and regrow after a few years. You may need to undergo another session to target these regions.

At our Las Vegas Genesis Lifestyle Medicine med spa, we create a customized treatment plan that ensures all the excess hair is targeted, and you get the smooth, hairless skin you want.

If you are considering laser hair removal in Las Vegas or have further questions, contact us and we will schedule a personalized consultation.

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