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Brow Treatments

The appearance of your eyebrows can really add, or detract, from your overall facial appearance. Attractive eyebrows can help you appear more youthful and vibrant. They can also start shedding and thin out. This can really make your appearance and self-confidence take a hit. Fortunately, there is a treatment for thinning eyebrows.

Your Dallas/Turtle Creek Genesis Lifestyle Medicine provider offers innovative brow treatments that can help you achieve the eyebrow shape and thickness that you are looking for.

Microblading Treatment

Are you looking for full and natural-appearing brows that match your skin tone? Then you should consider microblading – a type of eyebrow embroidery involving the use of thin needles for creating thin, hair-like marks on your skin. Patients are normally very pleased with the results of microblading for their eyebrows, with results lasting about 18 months.

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What is involved with getting a microblading treatment?

Your provider will begin by outlining your eyebrows using a pencil to represent the appearance of your future eyebrows. They will use a microblading ruler to select the ideal shape. After determining the precise color, match, and style, they will begin the microblading treatment process.

Your provider will be inserting pigment into your skin, which is carefully delivered until the correct shape is achieved. They will make your eyebrow gradually denser using fine strokes, depending upon your aesthetic goals.

Brow microblading is not the same as tattoos, where pigment is inserted into deeper layers of the skin. With microblading, the pigment is inserted closer to the surface of the skin.

Multiple shades of pigment can be inserted for the creation of multi-layered eyebrows, offering something like a 3D eyebrow effect.

Microblading brow treatments typically take anywhere from two to four hours to complete, depending upon your individual cosmetic goals.

Immediately after your microblading treatment, your eyebrows may appear somewhat darker than they will over time. So don't be disappointed if they look somewhat darker than you expected at first. In about two weeks, your eyebrows should have completely healed and revealed their final look.

What is nanoblading and how is it different from microblading?

The two treatments are fairly similar. Nano eyebrow treatments involve the use of extremely fine needles to mimic the dimensions and diameter of real hair. Since depth penetration can be finely tuned by your provider, it is easier to create perfect hair strokes that appear very natural.

Nano needles are amazing tools that make it less likely that your skin will be significantly damaged or that the pigment will reach too deeply, which otherwise could lead to scars.

Although microblading brow treatments are cheaper than nanoneedling, you get far more for your money with nano brows. Much of this comes down to the length of results. An average microblading treatment session can last up to 18 months, while nanoblading treatments can last as long as three years!

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What should I expect when undergoing a nanoblading treatment?

Some time and care must be taken while your provider creates each intricate hair stroke. Your technician will go over the style and color of your eyebrows before your nanoblading treatment begins. They can use a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort.

As with microblading, your initial brow appearance will appear somewhat darker for a week or two. You may require a follow-up appointment a few weeks later to perfect the color and shape of your brows.

Brow Treatment Recovery

After your initial treatment, and any follow-up treatments, you'll want to ensure that your new brows remain clean and healthy. To avoid scars or possible infection, avoid rubbing or picking at the scabs. Avoid contact with extreme heat or cold temperatures in the treated areas until you have fully healed from your brow treatment.

If you’re interested in brow treatments in Dallas, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine.

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