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Treating sexual wellness for men

Discover a breakthrough in male sexual wellness with TriMix, offered at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Fort Collins. TriMix is a highly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, especially for men who don’t respond to conventional ED treatments like Viagra and Cialis.

The Ultimate Injectable Treatment For ED

TriMix is a cutting-edge solution for men facing the challenges of erectile dysfunction (ED). It's a custom-made medication that combines three powerful ingredients — alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine — to enhance blood flow to the penis. Administered via a painless injection, TriMix offers rapid and reliable results, often within minutes. Unlike oral medications, TriMix is highly effective even for individuals who haven't responded well to other ED treatments.

    TriMix Treats:

    • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
    • Impaired or insufficient blood flow to the penis
    • Performance anxiety related to sexual activities
    • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
    • Frustration and dissatisfaction with sexual performance
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    How TriMix Works

    TriMix works by combining three active ingredients: alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine. Alprostadil is a vasodilator that relaxes the smooth muscle cells in the blood vessels of the penis. This allows for increased blood flow into the erectile tissues, leading to an erection. Papaverine further enhances this effect by relaxing the cavernosal arteries. Phentolamine complements the process by preventing the blood from leaving the penis too quickly, thereby maintaining the erection for a longer duration.

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      Benefits Of TriMix:

      • Works within 5 to 20 minutes
      • High effectiveness, even in challenging cases
      • Improved sexual performance
      • Enhanced self-confidence
      • Increased satisfaction in sexual activities
      • Customizable dosages for individual needs
      • Long-lasting and powerful erections
      • Reliable solution for erectile dysfunction
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      Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

      When To Consider TriMix

      You can consider TriMix if you struggle with achieving or maintaining an erection, experience performance anxiety, or face persistent issues with sexual performance. It's an option worth exploring if you desire a rapid, highly effective solution to restore your confidence and satisfaction in intimate moments, especially if medications like Viagra and Cialis don’t work. Contact our medical professionals for an evaluation to determine your candidacy for TriMix.

        We Empower You To Self-Administer TriMix

        Our medical professionals at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine will guide you through the process of self-administering TriMix at home. Initially, they will administer the first injection and prescribe the correct dosage tailored to your needs. They will ensure you are comfortable with the process, empowering you to manage your TriMix treatment in the comfort of your own home.

        Tips To Self-Administer TriMix:

        • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the medication.
        • Use a clean and sterile needle for each injection.
        • Follow the prescribed dosage precisely.
        • Rotate injection sites to prevent tissue irritation.
        • Pinch the skin at the injection site to create a small fold for the injection.
        • Inject the medication at the appropriate angle and depth.
        • Wait for 5 to 20 minutes for the medication to work.
        • Dispose of used needles and medication vials safely.
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        Schedule An Appointment For TriMix

        Genesis Lifestyle Medicine makes it easy to start your TriMix journey. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment with our experienced medical professionals. We'll assess your specific needs and provide the guidance and support required for successful TriMix therapy. Don't let erectile dysfunction hold you back — contact us today to reclaim your sexual vitality.

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