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As experts in aesthetic treatments, we understand the importance of proper care before and after an IPL photofacial session. This comprehensive guide will provide you with essential tips and guidelines to maximize the benefits of your treatment and achieve radiant, rejuvenated skin.

IPL Photofacial
Pre-Op Guidelines

  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Minimize sun exposure and avoid tanning beds for four weeks before your IPL Photofacial to prevent excessive pigmentation and reduce the risk of complications.
  • Avoid Self-Tanning Products: Refrain from using self-tanning products, including sprays, lotions, or tanning beds, for at least four weeks before your IPL Photofacial session. These products can interfere with the accuracy of the treatment and lead to uneven results.
  • Avoid Certain Medications: Inform your specialist about any medications or supplements you are taking, as some may increase photosensitivity. They may advise you to temporarily discontinue certain medications to minimize potential side effects.
  • Avoid Blood-Thinning Medications: Certain medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, and blood thinners can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding during the procedure. Consult with your IPL specialist and follow their guidance regarding the discontinuation of medications.
  • Discontinue Retinoids and Chemical Peels: If you are using retinoid creams or undergoing chemical peels, stop their application at least one week before your IPL Photofacial. These treatments can increase skin sensitivity, making it more prone to adverse reactions.
  • Skin Preparation: Follow the specialist's instructions for prepping your skin, which may involve avoiding exfoliation, harsh skincare products, or certain cosmetic procedures in the treatment area, at least for a few days before the treatment.
  • Shave the Treatment Area: If necessary, shave the treatment area a day before your session to ensure the IPL light can effectively target the hair follicles and skin imperfections. 
  • Cleanse and Remove Makeup: Cleanse your face thoroughly and remove all makeup, creams, lotions, or oils from the treatment area to ensure optimal light penetration.
  • Stay Hydrated: Maintain proper hydration by drinking an adequate amount of water in the days leading up to your IPL Photofacial. Hydrated skin tends to respond better to the treatment and can minimize discomfort.
  • Arrive with Clean Skin: Arrive for your appointment with clean, makeup-free skin to ensure the IPL treatment is applied directly to your skin for better results.

Remember to follow these guidelines closely to enhance the effectiveness of your IPL Photofacial treatment and achieve the best possible outcome.

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IPL Photofacial Aftercare Guidelines:

  • Protect Your Skin from Sun Exposure: Shield your treated skin from direct sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays for at least two weeks after the IPL Photofacial. Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF, protective clothing, and wide-brimmed hats when outdoors.
  • Avoid Hot Water and Heat: Refrain from hot showers, saunas, steam rooms, and activities that cause excessive heat and sweating for the first 48 hours after the treatment. Heat can increase skin sensitivity and potentially lead to complications.
  • Gentle Cleansing: Cleanse your face with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser twice a day to keep your skin clean and free from impurities. Avoid using harsh scrubs or exfoliants on the treated area for at least one week.
  • Moisturize Regularly: Apply a soothing, hydrating moisturizer to your treated skin to keep it moisturized and help alleviate any dryness or tightness. Choose products that are fragrance-free and specifically formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid Makeup and Cosmetics: Avoid applying makeup or using any cosmetic products on the treated area for at least 24 hours after the IPL Photofacial. This allows your skin to heal and reduces the risk of irritation or infection.
  • Be Gentle with Your Skin: Avoid picking, scratching, or rubbing the treated area. Let any crusts, scabs, or blisters heal naturally to minimize the risk of scarring or pigment changes.
  • Protect Your Skin During Physical Activities: If you participate in activities that may expose your treated skin to sweat, dirt, or friction, consider using a gentle barrier cream or bandage to protect the area. And refrain from excessive sweating for a few days.
  • Follow Post-Treatment Instructions: Adhere to any additional post-treatment instructions provided by your IPL specialist. This may include using specific skincare products, avoiding certain activities, or scheduling follow-up appointments.

Following these aftercare guidelines will help optimize the results of your IPL Photofacial, promote healing, and reduce the risk of complications. Remember to consult with your IPL specialist if you have any concerns or questions during the recovery period.

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