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Get a Chance to Use Gold-Standard Semaglutide Medication For Your Weight Loss

Our team of professionals at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine can help if you're looking for a medically monitored weight reduction program to assist you in actually reaching your ideal weight. Our program includes Semaglutide in Houston.

What Is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Patients who are searching for professionally guided assistance in order to lose weight have found their solution in our personalized medical weight reduction program. Through the use of a personalized food plan, exercise program, and Semaglutide medication management, this treatment has a major benefit in losing weight. Semiglutide requires a prescription, which we provide. Since the program is overseen by medical doctors from start to finish, there is always expert advice and direction at the other end of our telemedicine services. We are here to help you achieve your weight loss goal. 

medications for weight loss, not like  Semaglutide in Houston
Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

How Can Semaglutide Aid in Losing Weight?

A medication known as Semaglutide has been shown to aid with weight loss for both women and men and is becoming the next best thing in relation to weight loss. Don't get left behind. It works by lowering appetite and increasing the sensation of fullness. When utilized as a part of a comprehensive medical weight loss program that also includes a customized diet plan and exercise routine, Semaglutide in Houston may be an efficient strategy for long-term weight reduction and improved overall health. 

Our medical weight loss programs may also help patients address the underlying causes of their weight gain, make healthy lifestyle choices, and reduce their risk of contracting chronic diseases.

Medical Weight Loss Before & After Results

Hear From Our Happy Patients

"My fiance and I started together on the weight loss program, already down a total of 15 pounds! They have so many services and their prices are reasonable, and I've called tons of places."

- S.H.

"Great service. They have helped me lose weight with the program they have. My first week I lost 8 pounds. Very happy with the results and the treatment. I recommend it 100%."

- J.C.

"6 months in and nearly 50 pounds lighter, it's safe to say that Semaglutide has TRANSFORMED MY LIFE 100%!"

- L.H.

Health Advantages of Medical Weight Loss

Beyond merely helping you lose weight, patients have reported that Semaglutide in Houston often helps them to feel better about themselves, have more energy, and sleep better. These are important parts of weight loss. Patients may also see a significant increase in their overall quality of life and need less medicine as a result. 

Patients who successfully complete our medical weight loss programs also get the information and resources needed to maintain their weight loss over the long term and avoid gaining it back in the future.

Who Qualifies for Semaglutide?

Those with a BMI of 30 or higher, or a BMI of 27 or higher with an obesity-related condition such diabetes or hypertension, may be eligible for medical weight loss programs. 

For people who have tried and failed to lose weight by diet and exercise alone, medical weight reduction regimens may also be useful. 

Candidates for medical weight loss programs must be ready to make long-term lifestyle changes. It sometimes requires more than just a change in diet to turn the body around completely. 

The Process of Our Medical Weight Loss Treatment

Before beginning their medical weight loss treatment at our clinic, patients are first offered a virtual consultation with one of our medical professionals to discuss their medical history and determine if they are eligible for medical weight loss and determine if they are eligible for Semaglutide in Houston

A treatment plan will be formed based on their goals, body health, medical conditions, etc. This plan will usually include a diet and exercise regimen, in addition to Semaglutide medication.

Depending on the patient's weight loss goals, medical history, and overall health, the duration of the treatment process may vary. Patients receive online sessions with our medical professionals to check in on their progress and discuss any necessary changes to their treatment plan. This also gives a chance for them to bring up anything good or bad regarding their progress so that their program can be continually adjusted for top results. Because after all, results are the only thing that matters. 

woman stretching after  Semaglutide in Houston
Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

How Will My Medication Be Delivered?

A prescription for the Semaglutide will be written after the initial meeting with one of our licensed medical experts, and will then be delivered to your door right away. This will continue to be delivered every few weeks so you always have your medication on time. 

How Long Will Medical Weight Loss Results Last For?

The results of medical weight loss regimens may vary depending on factors including program adherence, medications such as Semaglutide in Houston, medical history, and lifestyle choices. However, if patients maintain their new healthy habits and make wise food choices, they can still expect to continue losing weight and improving their overall health. Our plan is for the weight to come off and stay off for the rest of your life and we are dedicated to achieving this. 

Start Your Weight Loss Journey with the Help of Semaglutide in Houston

Please give us a call to schedule your virtual consultation with one of our medical weight loss specialists. We are interested in hearing about your weight loss goals and then actually getting you there! 

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