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It is normal to experience reduced energy, strength, and libido as you age. In the past, when there were no advanced treatments available, these symptoms were unavoidable. However, now there is a scientific way to reclaim your youthful functionality by slowing down the aging process. Genesis Lifestyle Medicine offers testosterone replacement therapy in Grapevine to balance your body's hormones and enable you to live your best life. If you're in the Southlake or Grapevine area, visit us today.

What is testosterone therapy?

When men start to age, there will be certain aging symptoms. You may experience muscle mass loss or gain, difficulty sleeping, frequent fatigue, or erectile dysfunction. This happens due to changes in hormones as we age. To help relieve the symptoms, we will reintroduce the necessary hormones into your body. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we offer bioidentical testosterone therapy to help men regain their lost energy, health, and sexual wellness.

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What is the role of bioidentical hormones?

We create bioidentical hormones that are exact replicas of the natural hormones found in your body. This treatment is completely natural and effective for men. Our specialists have formulated customized and safe hormone replacement treatments that will meet your body's needs and requirements.

We will also track the progress of our hormone replacement treatment to ensure that you can get back your youthful energy. Our bio-identical testosterone treatment will allow you to defy aging and live your best life!

Benefits of testosterone therapy

With our testosterone replacement therapy in Grapevine, you will not only experience better body functions but benefit from the following health and wellness factors:

  • Energy: Your energy will be restored once your body gets its required level of testosterone. You will be able to develop and retain lean mass, reduce signs of aging, faster recovery from intense workouts, and enjoy your desired lifestyle.
  • Cardiovascular Health: When your body has a balanced testosterone level, your cardiovascular system will function better. It will also maintain your blood cholesterol levels and reduce plaque in the arteries. You will also experience a reduced risk of heart attacks and stroke.
  • Libido: With age, your testosterone levels will drop. This will reduce your sexual desire and performance. With our testosterone therapies, we restore your sex drive and help you experience better orgasms.
  • Mood: Our testosterone therapies will also uplift your mood and reduce depression, anxiety, and irritability.

Administration of testosterone therapy

At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Grapevine, TX, our testosterone treatments might be administered through pellet implantation or injections. Our specialists will inject the pellets into your hips or buttocks, which will then release testosterone into your bloodstream directly. Subcutaneous pellets allow you to maintain a stable flow of hormones throughout the day, avoiding peaks and valleys. Alternatively, we can also use testosterone injections, patches, or pills, depending on your unique needs.

Genesis Lifestyle Medicine for testosterone therapy

It's never too early to start testosterone therapy in Grapevine, TX. Even if you are in your late 30's, your body may start producing reduced amounts of testosterone. With our testosterone therapy in Grapevine, TX, you will be able to avoid years of low libido, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, and depression. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, our specialists will administer the entire treatment from start to end. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about testosterone replacement therapy in Grapevine, please contact us.

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