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Improving Sexual Function for Women

At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, we offer FemiWave in Nashville - an innovative new approach to treating sexual dysfunction in women. FemiWave is a cutting-edge device that uses sound waves to increase circulation and promote healing. This non-invasive treatment has been shown to be effective in increasing sensitivity, improving arousal, and enhancing orgasms.

What exactly is the FemiWave treatment?

FemiWave is a non-invasive therapy that improves women's sexual performance by using high-frequency acoustic waves. This cutting-edge technology addresses the underlying factors that contribute to sexual dysfunction, making it possible to restore and improve sexual health for women.

How does FemiWave work?

FemiWave is different from other therapies for sexual dysfunction since it does not mask the symptoms but rather addresses the root cause. Pulsewaves of low strength are used in the therapy in order to improve blood flow and sensation in the vaginal region. This is accomplished by stimulating the creation of new blood vessels and nerve tissue. This may lead to improvements in arousal, lubrication, and orgasm, as well as an increase in pleasure experienced during sexual activity.

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Benefits of FemiWave

The fact that FemiWave is risk-free, painless, highly effective, with very little to no downtime, is one of the most significant benefits it offers. Some additional benefits include:

  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • Increased lubrication
  • Less vaginal pain
  • Treats dysfunction
  • Promotes a tighter vagina
  • Increased muscle control
  • Among many others…

What to expect during your FemiWave treatment

Your treatment with FemiWave pulsewave therapy will not include any intrusive procedures and will be performed in-office. Following a brief treatment that will last no more than fifteen to twenty minutes, you will be free to leave the facility and continue with your day.

There will be no recuperation time and there will be no adverse effects since there will be no anesthetic, no surgery, no lasers, and no medications. You may even engage in sexual activity on the same night that therapy is completed.

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How many sessions are recommended?

It is advised that a series of six to twelve therapy sessions be undergone in order to get the best possible outcomes. That said, each patient will need a different amount of sessions based on what they are looking to treat.

When you come in for your consultation with our experts, we will go over your past medical history as well as your concerns to develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.

How long do FemiWave results last?

Your outcomes will depend on a variety of factors, including your present health, age, underlying illnesses, and hormone issues. Results may persist for many people for up to three years. Patients can receive regular maintenance treatments to guarantee lasting benefits.

Learn more about FemiWave at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Nashville

Whether you're looking to improve your sexual satisfaction or simply want to maintain healthy sexual function, FemiWave can help. Contact our office so that we can set up a consultation if you are interested in learning more about FemiWave in Nashville and how it might help enhance your sexual health. Simply give us a call or fill out a contact form to get started!

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