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Treating sexual wellness for men

TriMix is a breakthrough solution for male sexual wellness that offers hope and confidence to those facing erectile dysfunction. At Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Nashville, we specialize in delivering TriMix therapy, a safe and effective injectable for renewed vitality and satisfaction.

Overcome ED & Improve Sexual Wellness

TriMix is a custom-compounded medication used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It contains a blend of three medications: alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine, each with its unique function. Alprostadil relaxes blood vessels, papaverine increases blood flow, and phentolamine maintains the erection. This combination, when administered via injection, promotes strong and sustainable erections, making it an effective way to overcome ED and enhance sexual wellness.

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TriMix Treats:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Impotence
  • Sexual performance issues
  • Inability to maintain an erection

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How TriMix Works

TriMix targets the physiological mechanisms involved in achieving and maintaining an erection. When administered, it relaxes smooth muscle tissue within the blood vessels of the penis. This relaxation allows for increased blood flow as vasodilation occurs, engorging the erectile tissues. Simultaneously, TriMix prevents blood from quickly exiting the penis, sustaining the erection. In essence, it enhances penile blood circulation and restricts blood outflow, helping you achieve strong, lasting erections.

    Benefits Of TriMix:

    • Rapid onset of action within 5 minutes
    • High success rate, even in severe cases of ED
    • Customizable dosages for individual needs
    • Increased spontaneity and flexibility in sexual activity
    • Minimal side effects compared to oral medications
    • Effective for patients who haven't responded to other ED treatments
    • Enhanced sexual confidence and overall well-being
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    When To Consider TriMix

    You can consider TriMix when you find yourself grappling with persistent erectile dysfunction. If you've tried other treatments without success or are seeking a more reliable solution for achieving and maintaining erections, TriMix may be the answer. 

    It's particularly suitable if you desire increased spontaneity in your sexual encounters or if medications like Viagra and Cialis have been ineffective. Our medical professionals will discuss your goals and determine if you’re a good candidate for TriMix.

    Tips To Self-Administer TriMix:

    • Wash hands thoroughly before handling TriMix
    • Keep all equipment and medication components clean
    • Rotate injection sites to prevent tissue damage
    • Follow the prescribed dosage instructions carefully
    • Avoid injecting into blood vessels or areas with scar tissue
    • Dispose of used needles and syringes safely
    • Self-administer up to 3 times per week
    • Wait at least 24 hours between doses

    Our medical providers at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Nashville are here to support you every step of the way. During your visit, we will administer the first TriMix injection in our clinic and guide you on how to self-administer at home. If you have any concerns or notice adverse side effects, please contact us for support.

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    Achieve And Maintain Strong Erections With TriMix

    Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Nashville empowers you to achieve and sustain robust erections with TriMix. Our expert team customizes the treatment to your specific needs. By enhancing blood flow to the penis and preventing its exit, TriMix ensures lasting and reliable results. Regain confidence in your sexual performance with this proven solution for erectile dysfunction.

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