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With increasing age, certain outcomes are inevitable. Most women complain of vaginal dryness, lowered libido, and urinary incontinence as they get older. To deal with these changes, we provide women with the innovative O-Shot in Fort Worth. This unique treatment involves using components derived from your body to facilitate natural vaginal rejuvenation. Please consult the medical experts at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for an O-Shot therapy.

What is O-Shot treatment?

The O-Shot treatment is performed using platelet-rich plasmas (PRP) harnessed from the patient’s blood. The cosmetic provider draws a sample of the blood, purifies it in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasmas (PRPs), and injects it into the vaginal tissues to facilitate natural rejuvenation.

PRP injections have proved to be very successful in numerous fields of medicine, including skin treatments, pain relief, and more. We can now use PRP therapy to reverse the signs of menopause and other signs of aging in women.

PRP encourages your body to increase blood circulation to the treatment area, which, in turn, facilitates the production of new tissues and blood vessels, thereby increasing the patient’s vaginal lubrication, libido, and sexual wellness. The O-Shot treatment uses the patient’s nutrient-rich blood platelets to correct urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and other concerns.

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What does the O-Shot treat?

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of libido
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Loss of lubrication
  • Loss of sexual pleasure
  • Other signs of menopause

How is an O-Shot performed?

During your O-Shot in Fort Worth, we'll draw around 6-8ccs of blood from the patient using a small syringe, similar to a simple blood draw. Using designated FDA-approved tubes, the harvested blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasmas from other components of the blood. The PRP rises to the top in the form of a golden-colored liquid, which is then extracted into another vial or tube.

The cosmetic provider will use topical numbing cream on the vaginal tissues to ensure optimal comfort. The PRP is carefully injected into the labial, vaginal, and clitoral tissues, including just underneath the skin of the vagina. The specific locations depend on your unique needs and goals. The entire procedure concludes within a few minutes, depending on the number of injections necessary.

Patients report no pain or discomfort during the procedure. However, you should expect mild redness, swelling, itching, and discomfort in the treatment areas for a few hours after the treatment. The side effects gradually dissipate over a few days.

The major benefits of O-Shot treatment:

  • Enhancement of sexual desire & libido
  • Heightened clitoral & vaginal sensitivity that contributes to stronger orgasms
  • Vaginal lubrication is enhanced
  • Decrease in urinary incontinence
  • Increase in the ability to experience orgasms
  • Reduced pain during intercourse
  • The skin on the vulva is enhanced
  • Lichen sclerosis, a condition wherein the vulva’s skin keep itching, is treated

How long does it take before the results of this treatment manifest?

Improvements in sexual function have been noticed in 75 to 95% of women after undergoing an O-Shot treatment. The results start to appear within a few days after the treatment, however the full effects of the treatment are manifested gradually after several weeks or months. The final results of your O-Shot in Fort Worth will last 1 to 4 years, following which you may need maintenance sessions.

Why choose O-Shot treatment from Genesis Lifestyle Medicine?

Our expert therapists at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine Fort Worth, TX, offer the best O-Shot treatments after a thorough consultation with patients. We personalize all treatments to ensure optimal results with a minimal risk of side effects and complications. Please schedule an appointment to explore your O-Shot options in Fort Worth.

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