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Improve Your Sexual Performance

GAINSWave™ in Nashville at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine are the leading treatment for men’s sexual health and wellness. This quick, painless and effective treatment can help men who struggle with sexual performance and gain a major improvement in their dysfunction.

What is the GAINSWave™ treatment?

GAINSWave™ is a non-invasive therapy that improves a man's sexual performance by using high-frequency acoustic waves. This cutting-edge technology addresses the underlying issues that contribute to erectile dysfunction, making it possible to restore and improve sexual performance.

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How does the GAINSWave™ treatment work?

GAINSWave™ is distinct from other therapies for erectile dysfunction because, unlike those other treatments, it does not just cover the symptoms of the problem; rather, it targets the underlying source of the issue.

As part of the therapy, low-intensity pulsewaves are applied to the penis in order to encourage the creation of new blood vessels and nerve tissue, which ultimately results in an improvement in blood flow and feeling. This may lead to erections that are more powerful and endure for a longer period of time, in addition to enhanced feeling and enjoyment during sexual activity.

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Benefits of GAINSWave™

The fact that GAINSWave™ in Nashville is both safe and efficient, with very little to no downtime required, is one of its primary advantages. The therapy does not include surgery or any other intrusive techniques, and the majority of patients report feeling just a little bit of pain throughout the therapy.

How many GAINSWave™ sessions are needed for the best results?

It is important to keep in mind that everyone is unique, and there is no standard or commonly agreed-upon amount of treatments or sessions that patients must undergo. It takes between six to twelve sessions, each of which typically lasts between fifteen and twenty minutes, to have a chance of achieving good outcomes when using the GAINSWave™ technique.

During your consultation, our experts will go over your concerns and goals for the treatment and develop an appropriate treatment plan based on your needs which will include the amount of sessions that you may need for the best results.

How long does GAINSWave™ last for?

The benefits of the treatment typically endure between two and three years for the vast majority of individuals. The ED issue is genuinely fixed by the GAINSWave™ in Nashville, which uses regenerative medicine as its modality. This is the cause for the long-term success of the treatment. That said, if the results are starting to wear off, patients can get maintenance treatments to help prolong the results.

Learn more about the GAINSWave™ treatment at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine

Get in touch with our experts at Genesis Lifestyle Medicine in Nashville so that we can set up a consultation if you are interested in learning more about GAINSWave™ and how it might help enhance your sexual performance. Our staff will gladly respond to any questions you may have and assist you in determining whether or not GAINSWave™ is the best option for your needs. Please give us a call or fill out a contact form with your information to get started.

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