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Post-Care Instructions for FemiWave

  • Clean off any numbing cream or gels that have been applied prior to procedure
  • Schedule next treatment prior to patient leaving office
  • No down time necessary
  • Patient can be sexually active
  • Consider a using a female suction device for 10 minutes a day
  • Consider using a vibrator for 10 minutes a day
  • Encourage Kegel exercises 10 minutes a day
  • No NSAIDs. Tylenol is fine if needed
  • Consider an OTC Nitric Oxide supplement to improve endothelial function
  • Avoid alcohol/drugs. Avoid tobacco. Eat healthy, be active and stay hydrated
  • Vaginal discharge may be the BLT numbing cream being expelled

Patient may experience the following:

  • Improvement in sexual dysfunction
  • Improved sensation
  • Improved lubrication
  • Easier arousal
  • Increased orgasm duration
  • Unexpected tingling

Results vary from individual to individual. Immediate results may vary from subtle to more significant improvement in symptoms. Some individuals (who are early responders) may notice same day results, while other individuals (who are late responders) may see results over the course of a treatment and beyond. Do not fully judge treatment results until 8 to 12 weeks following the last treatment of a package of 6 or more.

3-4 weeks after the last treatment (of 6 or more) a follow up call must be made by the provider and post treatment FSFI and QUID must be completed. 3rd FSFI and QUID should be completed 6 to 8 weeks thereafter.

Temporary skin redness/discoloration on and around the treatment area is common. If it occurs it should not last more than 24hrs.

Call your local Genesis Lifestyle Medicine if you have any questions or concerns. 

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